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It's quite good promotion of Camino del éxito - spanish course on cds. Even if you're not interested in buying this product these pages will be very useful if you'd like to learn spanish.
You can go through sestions - Pronunciation, grammar, vocalbulary, verb drill and cultural notes. A lot of the sections are free and if you register you can manage your test resutls as well as see your progress. Part of the course goes with premium membership only. The best way how to get a premium membership is indeed to order promoted course.

  • Pronunciation - 50 section showing pronunciation of each Spanish sound. Each letter/sound is complemented by approx. 30 words to learn the sound and emphasize the difference from similar sounds.
  • Grammar - very good grammar book with several quizes and tests, however plenty of them is only accessible for premium members.
  • Verb drill - more then 50 categories covering basic words on many topics for free and more words in each category with premium account. You can also play some quizes and games to remember the words more easily
  • Verb drill - almost 30 sections showing shapes of most of the verbs and verb groups in differents tenses. A unique quize can be generated to test your ability in each section.
  • Cultural notes - Pleanty of stories about places and events in Spanish speaking world. There is always a short and a long version of the article, so that you can go as deep as you are confortable with the text. Articles are often followed with pictures.

advantage Advantages


  • Nice grammar and pronunciation guide
  • Part of the course is not free
Editor gives this course: Four and a half star

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