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  Projects 8sidor.se brings online newspapers in easy Swedish. You can find here news from Sweden Nyheter från Sverige, News from the World Nyheter andra länder and Sport news Nyheter om sport.
  All the news are short and written in basic words without any complicated structures which is something very useful for learners of Swedish. The web also uses the service called Readspeaker which allows you to hear the articles. Click on picture of headphones with Swedish word lyssna meaning to listen in the header of the page and a new menu opens. Then just select the part of the text you want to hear and click läs text. The text will be read by an automatic reader. The reader has very good Swedish pronunciation but often reads two words too quickly and mixes them. Also the pauses in the sentences are not such as in the real language. All over all the voice can give you very good idea of how the Swedish sounds. You can close the reading menu by clicling on avsluta icon.

advantage Advantages


  • Basic (easy) langauge
  • Whole page is voiced
  • Narration is automatic
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